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Automatic awnings are hand operated with self-locking arms that slide along vertical rails. Great for all exterior uses, especially covering windows and doors, these awnings can include a headbox to protect the roller mechanism and the fabric from harsh weather. Automatic awnings come in a number of different fabrics including sunscreen, canvas and acrylic.

STRAIGHT DROP AWNINGS Straight Drop awnings drop down at a right angle to the ground, providing shade for outdoor areas including windows, decks and patios. These awnings are very versatile and come in a range of different fabrics including canvas and acrylic. We supply straight drop blinds in a number of styles:

CORD AND REEL: Available in all fabric types, these awnings are very popular, especially for verandahs and pergolas.

GEARBOX OPERATED: A good value for money option, gearbox operated blinds work with a crank handle that is hooked into the gearbox to wind the awning up and down. Because they have no cords they enjoy a clean finish while still being as easy to operate as a roller blind.

ELECTRIC AWNINGS: No more ugly, hard-to-operate handles, especially in 35°. Electric awnings can be operated easily with a remote control, tablet or smartphone. Our range of motorised awnings is the perfect addition to any home. With the single press of a button, you can add comfort and convenience to your outdoor entertaining. For more comfort, consider adding sensors . The sun sensor lowers the awning automatically to keep your living room cool. And, for more peace of mind when you’re away, the wind sensor will automatically retract your awning when the wind picks up to protect your system.