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Cellular Blinds

Portrait Blinds

With rich materials and even richer history, our Portrait range is suitable for any type of room or window shape. You can select a sheer fabric and a room-darkening fabric, for the ultimate in looks and flexibility. Available in almost any size and specialty shape, white it's perfect for ordinary windows, it's equally at home in arches and irregular windows. Plus you can customise it to suit your decor. 

  • Day & night shade
  • Specialty shapes
  • Skylights and sloped windows

Galaxy Blinds

Galaxy blinds are comprised of a distinctive honeycomb design that capture pockets of air. These pockets of air reduce noise and also provide insulation, helping you keep your home warm in winder and cool in summer. And naturally they also help you lower your energy bills. Choose from single or double cell for your uniques design and energy efficiency needs.

  • Available in single and double cells
  • Top-down and bottom-up option available

Allure Blinds

Allure honeycomb shades allow you to design the lightflow specific to the location, by choosing either semi opaque or room-darkening fabric. Both are durable and water repellent, and both provide insulation, privacy and sound absorption benefits to the window.

Unlike traditional fabrics, which are woven, our Allure honeycomb shades are spun by water jets. This increases the fabric's strength and duarability. Control options include cordless, and cordless top-down bottom-up, both of which are child safe.