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Timberstyle Venetians

Timberstyle Venetians can give your home a warm, classy look as well as being long lasting and functional. We offer a range of both full timber blinds and timber style blinds. With a selection of different colours and styles to suit any look, our range of timber style venetians give you the look and feel of real wood at an affordable price. Timberstyle blinds are also resistant to cracking, peeling, discolouration and warping for long lasting durability.

Unlike its timber counterparts, Timberstyle has no variation in colour and texture, and is completely washable with no need for refinishing. Slat widths are available in 50mm or 63mm in a fashionable range of colours. Breakaway tassels for child safety are designed to separate should a child become entangled in the cord loop. 

Maximum recommended width is 2400mm with an absolute maximum width of 2700mm. Minimum Width is 350mm.